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Welcome to - CHCR Canadian Homegrown Community Radio's home on the world wide web.
You can listen live to CHCR on your radio at 102.9 FM in Killaloe, Ontario, 104.5 FM in the surrounding area of the Ottawa Valley, and now right here online, from this very page, with the handy-dandy LISTEN LIVE link on your left.

Here you'll get streaming audio of what we're broadcasting live on the airwaves. And if what you hear right now isn't your cup of tea - you enjoy the rich resonance of Classical music, or you groove to a reggae beat or the metal shows are tearing up your ear-drums - check out our schedule and see when we're playing what you want to hear. Or let your mind and musical awareness expand with as wide a variety of music and talk shows you'll find anywhere, reflecting the diverse characters who inhabit the hills and towns of the Ottawa Valley.

Besides listening, maybe you yourself would like to host a show of your own to share with listeners in the Valley, around the globe, and beyond the fringe. To play the music you love or share your opinions with the world, email our Program Director or download our program proposal form in pdf format.
Like what you hear and want to contribute but not on-air? We have plenty of opportunities for people interested in production, broadcast and computer tech support, web-site development, promotion, fund-raising ... email our Station Manager to volunteer. Ontario high-school students - learn about broadcasting and get your community hours credits with us!
Or if you want to support CHCR and what we're doing but don't have time to spare - send us money! Become a member of CHCR for $15/year ($25 for families), donate any amount through Paypal (coming in a couple of days!), or send us a cheque. If you have an event to promote in our geographical area, email or fax the station. Thanks for your support, and thanks for checking us out!
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CHCR Homegrown Community Radio member meeting May 31, 2:PM, Friendship Club, 12 Lake St. Killaloe.


CHCR Mission Statement

• To provide a hub of communication and feedback for the upper Bonnechere and Madawaska river basins.

• To encourage and stimulate discussion, and exchange of, ideas relating to the self reliant pioneering spirit that brought, and continues to make year round life rich, in this rugged land.

• To encourage and present local artists and performers in their craft.

• To provide a global context and understanding to our local experience.

• To provide a forum for the presentation of opinions and observations of individuals and groups to the area.

• To provide an opportunity for people to leaern and apply the skills of, operating a radio station, doing journalism and reporting, and bringing people's thoughts to form and action.

• To provide access to alternative genres of music.


Vianet is a CHCR sponsor and provides our radio station with website hosting and email services, and we thank them for their long time support!!

Check out Vianet for a wide variety of services including hi speed internet, fax over internet, home and business phone plans and a wide variety of other business communication options.

Businesses using music "Licensed to Play" with new SOCAN program

SOCAN has launched an awareness-raising "Licensed to Play" program for the more than 125,000 organizations across Canada that put music to work to make their business better.

The "Licensed to Play" graphic symbolizes respect for music creation, fair play and fun, and will be incorporated into all SOCAN licensing efforts throughout the year - and beyond. This is a multi-faceted campaign to recognize the establishments and venues that enjoy and respect music by paying their licence fees.

See more at:


CRTC renews CHCR Canadian Homegrown Community Radio 102.9 FM Licence!

Broadcasting Decision CRT 2013-454 /
Campus and community radio programming
undertakings - Licence renewals (PDF)



The CRTC is reviewing CHCR's licence.

There is a deadline of June 12, 2013 for community members to comment in support of the radio station.
You can read the entire document here.

CHCR launches first digital download CD with the generous help of local musicians!

Killaloe Records' CHCR Canadian Homegrown Community Radio first digital download CD is now released into the digital cyber world, all proceeds will help support the CHCR radio station with broadcasting on the air!

1. Killaloe - Rob Bersan | 2. Fire - Kevin Munroe | 3. Dirty Mind - AM Radio | 4. Limousine Girl - Grady Franey | 5. In Your Eyes - Jody DiGregorio | 6. Power Of Love - Russell Leon Band | 7. You Know Everything - Pam Norris | 8. Space Between Your Eyes - Schroeder Nordholt | 9. Killaloe Rastaman - Rick Reimer | 10. Rub It Up - Madi Simmons

Download the digital compilation CD here:

Second volume of CHCR CD now available for download!

Killaloe Records releases CHCR Volume 2 to help support the radio station.

1. Killaloe Sunrise - Paul Brown | 2. If I Could - Dolenko | 3. A Girl Gets By - Marta Pacek | 4. Learn While You're Young - Terry McLeish | 5. It's a Long Road to Travel - Lindsay Barr | 6. Late Night News (Problems) - Farewell Davidson | 7. A Funny Kind of Whirlwind - Blake Halladay | 8. Upfull Living - Madi Simmons | 9. Rizla Warning - Rick Reimer | 10. Caynah Udu - Robbie Hanna Anderman

Download the digital compilation CD here:


CHCR adopts part of a highway north of the flashing lights in Killaloe on Round Lake Road.
Keeping regional roadsides free of garbage and debris is one of the many ways we can all contribute to our vision of creating healthy and vibrant communities.

ADOPT-A-ROAD in Renfrew County is a sponsorship program where ambitious and community minded individuals or groups show their commitment to the environment by helping remove roadside litter.

CHCR has recently adopted a small stretch of highway on Round Lake Road and is gathering volunteers from both the membership holders as well as CHCR DJs to help clean up the litter alongside the road to help keep our community beautiful.

If you would like to volunteer for one afternoon please contact the CHCR Station Manager.

On Saturday September 22, 2012 CHCR Canadian Homegrown Community Radio DJs took a 'Critical Mess' into their own hands and picked up litter on 2 KMs of road on either side of Round Lake Road from Hwy 60 up to Mask Rd as part of the Renfrew County Adopt-A-Road program.

From left to right: Ras Allover, Peter Benner, Desiree McGlynn, Div Halliday and Desmond Brunelle.


Application to renew the CHCR broadcasting licence for a community radio programming undertaking is well under way.
CHCR recently applied to renew it's broacdacst license with the CRTC, you can read the entire document here.

UPDATE: Thanks to the CRTC and Industry Canada, CHCR Radio has its new broadcasting licence until August, 2019.

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