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Notice is hereby given: calling the membership of 'Homegrown Community Radio' to convene its Annual General Meeting at the Killaloe Lions Hall, 18 Lake St. May 31, 2014, at 1:00 PM. In addition to regular business, two special resolutions to amend the by-laws are on the agenda for member consideration.

Motion #1. to amend article '4.08 Proxy Votes' to read "Voting by proxy shall be conducted as specified in the Corporations Act. No member shall vote more than three proxies. Where more than twenty five percent (25%) of the total number of votes cast are by proxy, all of the proxy votes on the question will be voided and not counted. Proxies must be registered when the meeting is called to order."

(currently members may only represent 2 proxies, and more than 10% proxy votes disqualifies their voice in a vote.)

Motion #2. to amend article '4.03 Membership Privileges' to read "Each member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any question arising at any special or general meeting of members. Members in good standing are entitled to use the facilities and premises of CHCR in common with other members. It is a requirement for member broadcast privileges that the member secure and supply a paid monthly sponsorship for the radio station. Member use of facilities and premises shall comply with common practice and the rules and directions posted, as authorized by the Board of Directors."

(currently members have no explicit obligation to secure station sponsorship. If all current broadcasters provide the minimum 'show' sponsorship of $30/month, that much financial plan and commitment will assure our core costs, like rent and phone service, are paid securely.)

Special resolutions require 2/3 majority to pass, and this notice along with the meeting call, informing members of the special resolutions being put to the membership. After a special resolution is passed by membership, the corp. shall file the articles with the gov't director, with fees. When we receive the receipt / 'certificate of amendment,' they become in effect.

-What is our mission?
-Who is our customer?
-What does the customer value?
-What are our results?
-What is our plan?
-Drucker foundation

Looking forward to a productive and inspiring AGM.

Businesses using music "Licensed to Play" with new SOCAN program

SOCAN has launched an awareness-raising "Licensed to Play" program for the more than 125,000 organizations across Canada that put music to work to make their business better.

The "Licensed to Play" graphic symbolizes respect for music creation, fair play and fun, and will be incorporated into all SOCAN licensing efforts throughout the year - and beyond. This is a multi-faceted campaign to recognize the establishments and venues that enjoy and respect music by paying their licence fees.

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CRTC renews CHCR Canadian Homegrown Community Radio 102.9 FM Licence!

Broadcasting Decision CRT 2013-454 /
Campus and community radio programming
undertakings - Licence renewals (PDF)



The CRTC is reviewing CHCR's licence.

There is a deadline of June 12, 2013 for community members to comment in support of the radio station.
You can read the entire document here.